Monday, June 28, 2010

Off to the North Country demain... to Montreal via Dixville Notch (above), to be exact. For five weeks or Frenchification and good food, at least I am anticipating that. Crepes at the very least. Like the dinner plate sized buckwheat ones they sell in Brittany at the marche for a euro with sugar or maple syrup on them. YUM.An eclair au cafe perhaps, a real one. With a creamy cafe au lait on the side in a cup you can relate to?

House sitting for a nice (if rather large) pooch and kitty and a couple who are headed for Paree. Montreal is a good second best to that fair city in the French speaking department, I suppose. Found the housesit on, a wonderful and useful website that costs 20 bucks a year to join and voila! you are bombarded with potential housesit gigs from all over the world, including the US. Check it out. One simply can't have a happy life without trusting one's instincts and other people from time to time, so I'm on my way....

A bientot!

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