Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Note to Jeb: Practice looking presidential, not petulant.

I just had to bring this to your attention today. It's a comment by a reader of Mo Dowd's excellent op ed today in the NY times about General "Bigmouth" McChrystal and the flap over an interview he gave to Rolling Stone (Rolling Stone?) wherein he badmouths the White House and refers to VP Biden as "Bite me". I mean, Bite me? His Vice President? Asst. commander in Chief? REally?

This guy has serious issues and I hope Osmiley fires his ass.

The commenter is a Commander himself in the armed forces and had this to say:

"Maureen writes, "Military guys are rarely as smart as they think they are, and they’ve never gotten over the fact that civilians run the military."

One needs to understand the culture and mindset of career military officers. They are taught to make war. They are taught that surest road to flag rank is to fight in a war. War is good, War is just. And as I observed in so many of my colleagues, war is better than no war at all. It is life that is attended with all of the bravado and posturing one would expect of would be gladiators.

Maureen then writes, "It’s just another sign of the complete incoherence of Afghan policy." Which exactly echoes what Michael Hastings wrote in his Rolling Stone article, "Dispatching 150,000 troops to build new schools, roads, mosques and water-treatment facilities around Kandahar is like trying to stop the drug war in Mexico by occupying Arkansas and building Baptist churches in Little Rock."

I wish Maureen or Bob Herbert or someone would remind their readers that the 09/11 plot was not hatched in Afghanistan. It was hatched in Hamburg, Germany. And the Al Qaeda zealots who were the main players in the 09/11 attack did not train in Afghanistan. They trained right here in America at domestic commercial flight training schools. We were told that since the Taliban government in Afghanistan refused to turn over Osama Bin Laden that we need to invade that country to bring down the Taliban and to capture and bring Bin Laden to justice. Bin Laden has never been captured and certainly won't be no matter how many American troops are sent to die in that country.

Maureen also writes, "Yet we keep killing and making more enemies." Put an exclamation point consisting of the deaths of civilians caused by drone attacks on this statement. Stop and think about this for a minute. We have developed killer technology that puts no American lives at risk but that isn't so precise that it can discriminate between civilian and insurgent. The Afghans and the Pakistanis hate us for this. And that hatred will abide.

[This bit in particular snagged my attention:]

I wish Maureen had written more about the "outrageous cover-up" of the true cause of Pat Tillman's death that General McChrystal orchestrated.
The General lied through his teeth in an effort to hide from Tillman's parents and the world the fact that Pat Tillman was fragged by his own troops because of his anti-war views. That's not just outrageous, that is despicably evil.

Sadly, politics may well intervene in the McChrystal matter. Obama may choose to make the General "his man" by pocketing his resignation and then holding it over him while the blood-thirsty McChrystal toes the line and does the President's bidding."

Well... alrightythen. I say yea to this commander, and yea to any other military person with the guts to speak up against tyranny. Takes guts, the kind McChrystal seems to be sadly lacking.

In the Upside News Today: A cool old gal in Concord, Mass. is trying to ban the sale of bottled water in her town. The state attorneys gen are checking that one out. You know coke and papsi will have somethin to say about it.

Finally, back to the McChrystal flap briefly. I wonder what ol Jeb Bush is doing?And if he might have something to say about Owhiney's military problems? this Bush is the scary one people, he has a brain available for use if he needs it for anything. Whatever he does you can bet he's got one eye on 2012 (a frightening prospect, but, really. How much scarier can the country get?And the dynasty must continue!) and the other on defending bro George from Omama's "assaults", like blaming W for the financial collapse, or the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, and a dozen other problems he's ENTIRELY RESPONSIBLE FOR. Did you know that blaming others for your mistakes is one of the primary traits of a sociopath? This can't be news to everyone.

Just one more to chew on: It would appear their is a culture of child porn on the Disney campuses. No lie. It's too prolific to be believed. People getting jobs at various Disney venues so they can... watch kids? or what? Just plain s t r a n g e, people. dozens of incidents in the last year alone.

I gotta go take a shower..

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