Friday, September 3, 2010

Lost kitties and found agendas...

Is this not precious? This home made LOST poster struck me as I was walking the other day. I was enchanted by the owner's "vision" of her cat. All the details she relays and then the sketch. Every possible distinguishing mark, in case you see the cat and might mistake it for one which is not lost. Or as if each details might somehow lead someone to realize, Yes! That's the missing cat! No, no, the details say, THIS one is MY cat. Have you seen her?

I'm crossing the pond...

Plans proceed apace for the trip across the pond; my plane leaves in a week, flying on Sept. 10-11, just cuz it's cheaper. Can you imagine? Americans have always been a superstitious lot. I'll spend six weeks visiting jolly friends in jolly old England, seeing some sights and working on my ms, which I finally decided needed more work; the semi wacky NY agent had a point or two. Actually, no, it wasn't her comments, but a much older one from Ez, one which I had to pry out of him he was so complimentary (he had no other major problems with the story), that prompts me to restructure the chapter where "everything is revealed" into a few more "action" chapters where things come clear to characters and the characters themselves flesh out a bit more as a result. The NY agent called the young girl character a "cipher", never guessing that was my intention I suppose. I think she was just throwing English Major terms around.

I am totally psyched for the trip. Terrified and psyched. After England it's off to the Boot where I look forward to spending quantities of time soaking in Botticellis and Titians and Giottos to my heart's content. As well as a bit of Firenze wine and risotto. Joni may have called Europe "old and cold an settled in its ways" but it's just what the doctor ordered as far as I'm concerned. So here's a thing: Anyone needing a little inspiration to jazz things up in their life might want to check out the September/Oct issue of AARP magazine, especially the two really good articles on unleashing your creativity post 50, and Paradise Found, five great places to live outside the US on thirty thou a year or less where quality of life is high, healthcare is cheap, and the livin is easy. You'd be surprised how little it costs to live somewhere where the food is actually good and so is the weather, and people are actually friendly.

I just had to post this photo below. I'm sporting my sister Tee's thirty year old (at least) hand- me- down summer dress; one I coveted for years and that she looked stunning in back then. It's my "heat Wave" dress. Every time I wear it, and I wear it pretty much every day during heat waves (and not much else; it billows rather nicely – think Marilyn and The Seven Year Itch – with the slightest breeze), I get charming, spontaneous compliments from unknown men I encounter, especially grey haired ones, who smile and tell me I look pretty. Now aint' that nice? It's shocking really, as this kind of thing happens so rarely these days. I think those old guys just luv seein a woman in a summer dress: something flowery and soft that reeks of carefree days and perfumed nights.

Lately I've had a few delicious opportunities to dive into the Penobscot Bay. The long heat wave has warmed the usually frigid Bay to a perfect temperature, just a frisson of cool that leaves your skin atingle rather than the usual bone chill. The only swimming I've done all summer and it was well worth the wait. Haven't had swimmin weather like this here since, oh, maybe '95 or '96. EVeryone who's experienced this East coast heatwave will appreciate the idea of diving head first into a cool, refreshing, endless body of salt water, whose healing properties I shall continue to believe in, despite all I know about mercury and the other nonsense lurking below me as I blissfully tread water.

A little note: The site Quackwatch is one you want to avoid. They appear to be a tool of the Pharma and medical " industry", rather than a source for sound health information. Take my word on this, or not ( ya'll know I do my homework). I found what I know to be serious errors myself in one of their articles lambasting Adelle Davis, the woman who, decades ago, asked us all to eat whole foods and steam them. So nix any statements from Quackwatch: a website where, apparently, quacks are given free rein and are begging to be "watched" with gimlet eye, so we shall.

More later on some recent interesting info on cholesterol and other health issues. And a HEY THERE shoutout to Barbara, A VeeBar pal, who joined us recently. Now there's a woman who is, literally, always going places, on a Harley no less. Am I right?

And by the way, the Tuneloop referred to in previous post? It was indeed prelude to a few breakthroughs. It pays to listen to what's playing in your head...


  1. Well,That seals it!Our souls do run a parallel path !!Lost kitty posters Tug at my heart in a really big way.This is largely due to the fact that I love cats,absolutely love them..Cats know things...intuitively
    ..they're wise..they 'Get'You! and how comforting is that when the ones in your life..DON'T???Cats are COOL like the cheshire cat,,,,,,, from Alice in wonderland' They're sooo laid back, they pass out purring.How great is that?And when they want some lovin' and attention they'll get right in your face till you give it to 'em.No games,just "HEY..PAY ATTENTION TO ME ....NOW..!!!" As kitties,they're completely spastic,..gone,just out of they're ever lovin' minds,like when they arch their backs,fur standing straight up,and start walking side ways on their tippy toes,like little crabs!!!Older cats spas-out as well.They love to play,love to be frisky.When you have a cat,you have a friend.I do hope Phoebe will be found,or will find her way back home.I will say a prayer to that effect.Someone loves her dearly.I must say tho,I was relieved she has a mouth!!!One more thing,I wish folks would post a 'FOUND'sign as well.Would'nt that be nice??Just a little something to let the community know, that the little furball is safe at home.Who doesn't love a happy ending?I know I do.I live for them!!! tee xxoo

  2. Love you Cuz.
    You look great in your tee dress.
    very our genes say....time and time again (Corr looking at me straight in the eye last Sunday "My God you look exactly like Marie."
    I say "Me? No No you should see Cat."
    It's in his grandaughter's genes...pursin' that which needs to be done...why we're here.
    Can't wait to hear bout your trip.
    Lookin' forward to it. safe....