Monday, September 6, 2010

A Walk out Beauchamp Point... best swimmin hole on the coast.

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September on the Maine coast.... what could be better?

The tourists are gone (mostly); the traffic is mellow, the breeze is divine, the clouds are works of watercolor art, the light is golden, and, to quote Mr. Gershwin, the livin is easy...

A fond adieu to my home of the last sixteen years... A gorgeous week after all that heat.

As President Bartlet (don't we wish) would say: What's next?


  1. You are one lucky cat, Cat!! You live in such a beautiful place in your everyday life, and then on top of that you get to go off, across the pond, as you say and spend quality time in the lap of European luxury. Sounds fabulous. Enjoy every minute!

    By the way, you look stunning in your sister's pink sun dress!

  2. Hi Cat! just want to wish you a bon voyage & I'm still reading you! :) have FUN, as I know you will. All best & A Big Hug -