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OK. I am just swamped with work so what you'll get here, and you'll probably prefer that over my usual blathering, is a slew of pictures of the train ride from Malaga to Seville (once I flew from UK southampton to spain itself) and pics of my first few days in this gorgeous city. I am getting the hang of tapas, and a little AndaluTHian spanish, nothing like south american variety, found some nice wines and met some wonderful kind people, especially my hostess Isabel and her husband Eduardo, two of the nicest people anyone could ever have the good fortune to know, much less stay with,much less eat some of Isabel's wonderful cooking!! I shall write down every recipe to bring home some day. (Jasmine there on the wall, smells devine, i put some in my hair today onthe way to the metro)

And the shoes!! I have YET to see the same pair of (always sexy and stylish, and i mean HOT) shoes on two women's feet in this city. I drool as i pass the shoe shop windows. I've so much work and no time to shop.

Hate my course. Dont care for most of the instructors, except Clem. He's very good. Rest are dumb and self important and unnecessarily chaotic. Have told myself only three weeks to go. I'm imagining that I'm in a German concentration camp and the Allies are landing in three weeks, telling myself "just hang on, they'll be here soon." God help me. I went in the chapel next to the cathedral (the real cathedral is massive, no pics yet) to pray for strength to finish.

so pics are at bottom. sorry i can't label them. Just enjoy them. click to enlarge. Any questions about what they are, leave comment and i'll answer over weekend when i have some time. The green guy is a mime, way cool. that is the chapel to cathedral. White neighborhood is where i live outside city on a hill, and it's great to leave the city at end of day and ride slick new metro 'home'. ten minute ride. Most pics are what i see walking from Puerta Jerez, my metro stop in city, down Avenida de la constitucion past the cathedral each morning to the playa nueva near the school. It's the best part of the day, the avenida walk. One of these days i'll take the time to stop at Hornos San Bonaventura and have a nice serrano ham Bocadillo (sandwich). Will you all totally lose faith in me if I quit the course and just study the local history and stuff? Otherwise i won't get to cause the course is so demanding i'll have been to Seville and not seen most of it... well, it's just a thought. do be kind in your responses...

love and all that good stuff

at hornos san bonaventura... to die for serrano hams

olives trees by the mile, and orange trees

See the strikers with their red flags heading for protests on the 29th? This was about 8 am as thousand of them converged on center city to protest govt cuts, sheister bankers, and their boolsheet 'measures'. Most businesses closed in support of the strike and were proud to post signs in their windows saying so. The city was Very quiet until the protests started, for a weekday. I loved being here for that. The protests were LOUD, we could hear them at noon from the school windows. Cannons going off and such. Power to the people, right on.

and lastly.... the jasmine in bloom that makes my morning sweet.. put some in your hair and you're good for the day

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  1. Hey Cee!!!It's good of you to write to us,and share pictures too,with your schedule so tight!I'm especially thankful that your hosts are so warm and welcoming.I'm sure you're relieved as well,it makes all the difference.I've looked up Seville on line, and it is a beautiful city, without doubt.My thought on whether or not you should quit the course,in favor of learning about,and experiencing Seville is this...Don't quit!Hang in there!Are you being kind in your thoughts about me right now........Hhmmmm??? Please know,that I do say this w/full regard for what you have shared,but nonetheless I'm left w/this feeling of "don't quit...see it through" Why???
    I'm not sure I can explain why.....in50 words or less.You know me.....round and round I go...I look at things at all different angles and perspectives.I'm a true crab in that regard.But,I do know my thoughts don't stem from an unreasonably strict work ethic..."finish what you start"blah,blah blah...
    It's more of a Shirley Maclaine type of thing I guess.Our lessons in life come to us many ways and in forms.My vote???Go for it...One day,one hour at a time.Think outside the box as they say,and be open to learn from all sources...unexpected sources!The course sucks..and that's unfortunate...but you'll still learn what you need to learn and in only 3 short weeks you will have achieved your goal.
    You can do it!Seville isn't going anywhere.It will all be there for you when the time is right.
    And if all things fail,remember yet another quote,"Take what you like and Leave the rest"

    xoxo tee