Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kinda sez it all, don't it?

Chapel Hill window...

market st, wilmington

magnolia blossom

The French House porch

nice bath

Duke U


Let's just take a little break and enjoy the scenery, shall we? I mean, despite the US corporate coup d'etat, we have to go on living, non?

Here are some scenes of mostly Wilmington, North Carolina, with a few of Durham thrown in, that caught my eye. I tell you one thing, the people here are warm and inviting as fresh baked bread, even though it's already hot and steamy out. I love the ceiling fans everywhere, the sleepy loll of naptime, the brick, yes brick, streets that pitter when you drive on them, the sidewalk cafes, the Cape Fear River with its alligators, and the old downtown streets lined with nineteenth century architecture Tony Soprano's mason ancestors could appreciate, the eighteenth century gracious homes. It's so nice, and the leisurely attitude suits the climate - conversation that has all the time in the world. Not bad for the Younatted Stets.

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