Sunday, May 15, 2011

Abu Dhabi Doo! ( Love that hat!)

erik prique?

That little phoquer Erik Prince is at it again. This time he's arming the UAE, Iran's unfriendly neighbor. You remember him and his Blackwater pals screwing things up after Katrina, raiding legal medical maryjane joints in LA (and likely smoking up the proceeds), murdering innocent civilians in Iraq, refusing to testify forthrightly when Congress called. You remember! Ol' Erik, yeah... FOB, big donor to the GOP, the guy who put together an army to illegally invade anyplace the US president thinks needs invading and at twice the price we'd pay our own soldiers? Composed of guys who can't jump the lowered bar of psyche tests the regular army administers? I can't help but wonder... why do we need to hire half an invasion force through private companies? Is it because there aren't enough normal American boys willing to go along with this nonsense? I'd like to think so...

This from the article in Sunday's NY Times: "He is hoping to build an empire in the desert, far from the trial lawyers, Congressional investigators and Justice Department officials he is convinced worked in league to portray Blackwater as reckless. " Poor baby. My daughter has the perfect response to whiny white boys like Prince: Waanh.

Read it and weep, folks. There is just no stopping the male's determination to arm the world; this guy Prince is seriously dangerous. Odds are the real goal in hiring him is to suppress any opposition in the UAE and whatever middle eastern strongmen in those wussy soft flowing robes and gentle faces (don't be fooled) remain in power. The Saudis have him on speed dial.

I say Carl Levin for president. At least the guy has balls enough to go after Goldman like a junkyard dog.

Quand venons-nous aux armes, citoyens?

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