Monday, November 22, 2010

Accordion players on the bridge to the Ile de la Cite; a cold November walk over the Pont de I forget to Hotel de Ville area after a nice lunch, and a lovely meander through Le Marais.

Works for me...


Pointiest Men's Shoes in the World shop! the real deal in

le Marais

ile st Louis evening

my favorite puppet store!!

recycled bike wheel

Nice to be back downtown, here on the quiet Ile St. Louis in the heart of Paris, munching on a caramel au sel from the local bonbon shop and feeling pretty swell. When I walked out of the hotel today at 1 in search of lunch what should I hear but a very capable accordion player who was seated all the way over on the bridge to the Ile de la Cite; his gorgeous tunes, so effing french, as Eddie would say, echoed down my street and I felt like dancing.

So a little shopping, ideas for Noel. I'm actually rather surprised at how inexpensive things are here on the Ile compared to elsewhere in the city. I see plenty of lunchtime plat du jour (usually three courses, or a plat + drink+ dessert) posted for under 15 euros; good cafes too! Great menus. I'll try as many as I can as I'm totally sold on the idea of healthy sized lunch and teenie dinner. I never have liked eating much at night. So it suits my whim and my pocketbook.

Was nice to wander over the bridge to the Marais today after my boeuf bourgignon lunch (16.5 euros with wine, beaujolais nouveau of course). The level of creative energy there (and cordiality) is amazing. The clothes, just to- die- for woollie woven things. And layers of color, color, color everywhere. So far everything I've bought is black. I couldn't say why. Just works. Non. non. Correction. Found a lovely lingerie shop over there today with the most reasonably priced soutiens gorges (bras), gorgeous things that actually fit. So had to go mad with the card there.
Hey! Back off! (sneer) I'm stocking up for the next four years! Last time I bought brassieres was in 2004 in Morlaix and they've lasted me til now, so gimmie a break! The salesgirl in the tiny shop on the Avenue vieille du temple was just a peach; helpful, honest, and smart (Tiffane by name) and i even bought nice panties, something I (just ask around) NEVER do. Always the bargain Macy's bikinis. Well, not this time , brother! I went to town, and wouldn't you like to see what I bought, snoop dogs that you are!

Too bad. These are for my pleasure alone, and maybe .... well, depending....

Tomorrow: Lunch in the 6th and another meander. Snow coming I hear. God help us.

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