Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Paris bling at night from my window...

Here's a wonderful quote that was handed to me today on the bus:

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has power, genius and magic in it. Begin it now." – Goethe

A leisurely stroll down the Seine today, kicking fall leaves along the Rive Droite down to the Rue de Rivoli and W. H. Smith books where I purchased "The Help" about a Mississippi family during the Depression. (A fine bookstore. ) The author has a nice sense of humor and has managed to sell over 2 million copies of her book; no doubt I can learn something from her. I read her comments at the end as I ate a rather nice lunch at La Fregate on the Quai Voltaire (the Cafe Voltaire was jammed so I took second best) and liked her immediately. Had a yummy lunch, a little wine, lots of Evian, some soupe a l'oignon for the chest cold, and a nice steak with frites ("to feed my blood") that I consumed, to my surprise, in its entirety. I was headed to the Ile St. Louis for further sweet indulgences when I realized it was getting late and the evening chill was upon me and I had no chapeau and was getting over a cold, so hopped a bus that seemed to be heading in the right (other) general direction (not usually a good idea as twists and turns in Paris buslines are common) but it all worked out this time. I ended up at the Tour Eiffel, and a short walk across the bridge to home.

Peoplewatching just by the Louvre on the Quai Voltaire is great. There's nowhere else on earth I'd rather be. It nearly made me weep to be here today.

It's the most beautiful city in the world, I've no doubt; speaks to my soul like a Siren. So very happy to just be in this place. May go explore the Pere La Chaise tomorrow. And the Grand Palais, neither of which I've ever visited before. I met a nice woman on the bus from San Fran who lives here as her husband is French. Later the bus driver had me in stitches when I saw a hat in a window I wanted to try and asked him to let me off the bus.

He understood my urgency completely, doing a fine job of mimicking my enthusiasm, I must say. I can't think of one American male I know who would have responded with the humor that bus driver did. Bless him. Pulled right over and let me off with instructions as to how to find my way home from there.... everyone here is so kind.

I just love France. I really do.

my street

tai chi by the

the perfect house for me.... it floats

grand palais, all the tickets to Monet show are sold out I'm told.... will go anyway

looking up the champs elysees from place de la concorde

le Louvre (right flank)

the jardinier with the most awesome job on earth

taking the sun

you can just hear this guy sobbing "will someone please get this bird off my head!"

looking back up the tuileries toward the champs elysees

along the champs de mars

the view from underneath the tower..

three men looking concerned about a rather large leaf that had fallen close to their bldg?
they must be French philosophes.

ciao for now...


  1. Hey There! Back where you belong,eh? How wonderful it is,to feel connected. A sense of belonging,like coming home...Soul meets Mate, Paris is yours! The pictures of the Eiffel Tower are gorgeous!!!And Le Louvre, I had no idea it was so large!There's so much history there. But I really must admit that the sobbing statue with the bird on it's head, stole the show. It absolutely cracked me up!!! I must find a way to get that picture in a frame. I just gotta have it. It's hysterical!!! The men contemplating "The Leaf",is a close second!! It's what men do, I suppose, when they retire too early, or are out of work.Their wives or women, givem' the boot, or shoo them out,because they're being annoying.They don't even have to do anything, or say anything(except they do),they're annoying because...THEY'RE THERE...and therefore must be sent outside to annoy other people or to play, or to contemplate leaves, or whatever makes them jolly!!!
    xoxo, tee

  2. By the way,I love how you're capturing the autumn sky,and how it reflects on the Eiffel Tower and the park around it.When you enlarge that shot,it feels like you're there,taking a stroll,looking up toward the sky,through the color of autumn on the leaves.I also like the colors you captured,of the Tower looking very golden and erect,against the overcast sky.It's MAJESTIC!!! The light of the golden,setting sun,on the street below is also pretty (the one next to the leaf boys).The picture of the boat with all the holiday greenery,is beautifully framed with leaves...very nice! I have a question,who are the statues that reside in the garden near Le Louvre??? I'm coming back to this blog tomorrow,there's more to be said...tee