Monday, November 15, 2010

Vive La France!!

From Rome to Switzerland ( all that 'missing' money) to Burgundy to Paris!


And I'm here in my favorite city in the world, Paris! Couldn't have a better view; I'm a block or so from the river (la Seine) and can see the Tour Eiffel just to the left outside the french windows. What should greet me the second I get here but a Sunday afternoon traffic blocking street demonstration below in support of the poor Christians in Iraq. It's always something mit der Franch and I love dem for it. It's iffy weather; apparently all the sunshine resides in Roma and Sevilla these days.

Have rented a nice flat from Olivia in the 16th on the Boulevard Delessert, a lively street, residential. Am feeling a little feverish and sniffly still, so will walk to the epicerie soon down the ave ben franklin or Passy or some such (I'm a little out of it) and gather some in house supplies and hole up for a day or two while I recuperate from what Joni once called Travel Fever ( you get "porous with " it, she says). Download some flicks from iTunes, plenty of juice and green tea and vits and that herbal stuff I take , and ought to be feeling perky by tomorow afternoon. Meanwhile, the novel has been sorely neglected so can work on that, gaze out the window at the lights and people going about their day and the lovely nineteenth century building across the street with turret! Nice visite with C and JP in Burgundy, and convivial suppers with neighbors and just gorgeous scenery all the way from switzerlanda. Glad to be shut of the "well ordered" swiss; too tidy for me; a sharp contrast from freewheeling, all over the place Rome. Although Christiana was a delight and her stories of the war in Germany and the time that followed inspiring. I hope she is feeling better.

ciao for now

ps i read there's a show of Bob Dylan's Brazil paintings in Copenhagen. Wonder if it's coming to US. That would be a good show. I like his paintings. Remember the album cover with the horse? He's a good painter, very Van Goghesque...

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