Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from Paris, everyone!

Wednesday was a gorgeous fall day and I must have walked miles from the hotel up the river to the Petit Palais and down around le Marais and back. Hope your turkey is tender and your pie is as sweet as you want it to be.

A Paris postcard, sent with love on this day.

walk over to Ile de la Cite...

SMART-er car?

Notre Dame

lighting candles.... always

Notre Dame getting decked out for Christmas.

le pont des arts, where lovers place their padlocked hearts together along the bridge, true love, and throw away the key into the Seine. Isn't that just, well.... bless em all.

The Louvre is simply massive; its sheer size never ceases to amaze. Below is simply the south side, part of it, along the river. You could spend forever wandering its halls. That would be my idea of heaven, so long as food was served periodically.

glorious skies above the tuileries

takin the sun/ rest

up toward Champs elysees

this statue called The Nile

Le Petit Palais

garden at petit palais where you can have lunch/ tea

SMART(-est) car?

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Anyone reading this today is a blessed human being (eg., you most likely have a turkey and a computer) and I am grateful to call you all my friends.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Cat! What wonderful photos! I haven't been to Paris since 1965 - yea gads! To have seen it at the age of 13 was amazing. We stayed for a while in the countryside with a French family, who's sons we had met on the ship coming across. Lifetime memories. Hugs to you this special day of abundance.

    The 2011 Literature and Landscape of the Horse dates and info are posted on my website now. Hope you can make it!

  2. Allo Mama! We miss you here but the turkey is stuffed and in its butter blankie and the cranberries taste just like yours. It'll be good to see you next week, when i'm sure we'll have leftovers still hanging around. Paris looks beautiful as usual but it's a chilly, sunny day here and we'll have to settle for the grey bending bows of trees instead of the arches of notre dame's buttresses.

    love you and miss you much!! gobble gobble.

  3. Fantastic pictures, what a day. And today Happy BIRD DAY!! Turkeys in, as your instructions, smells great, Tansey and I will do everything that you do to make a great table. I will set a place for you, a cardboard representative. but maybe not because your presence is here. I will send a picture via email of the big room with all gathered when the time comes. LOVE THE PARIS pictures, Much LOVE

  4. Cathy,your pictures, on this Thanksgiving Day, were a much needed breath of fresh air and perspective! I truly Thank You !!! I loved seeing Notre Dame!Ou es le Hunchback?L'es Hunchback es la Biblioteque?? We all miss you and love you!!! tee xxxxoooo

  5. HAHAHAHAH Tee you're hysterical!! Non, le hunchback n'est pas dans la biblioteque. Le hunchback est dans le disco.